Marhofn 255.14 - May 2012

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Margaret Squires (+144=1022)

This last year has seen us chipping away at our uncompleted Grahams not very successfully, with only 29 in the bag, but we did manage the fairly remote Beinn nan Lus and Meall Garbh by dint of dragging our tent in and camping between them, a highlight of the year.

This also included a visit to the Outer Hebrides based on South Uist. I bagged three Grahams and two Marilyns solo when Roger was otherwise engaged, which forced me to take up navigation again. Inevitably, we bumped into fellow Marilyn baggers. We met Bill Forbes on Easaval: he appeared to do twice as many in a day as we did but was very evasive about how many he had done in total, thereby confirming his lurker status.

We passed Rob Woodall (fairly sure it was him but we recognised him too late) as we returned from Carn Breac and later in the year we met the Hasties on Craiglee and compared notes.

I scrambled into the Upper Hall in a rather undignified fashion. Having thought my 999th was Thorpe Fell Top, and having been assured by Roger that 'that thing over there' was lower, I posted a trip report on the Scottish Hills website to find that the top is indeed Cracoe Fell. Roger had to admit he had only updated Scotland in RHB. I shouldn't blame him; I should do my own research. We quickly found a Graham, Creag Mhor, that Roger had and I had not done and then looked around for something where son David could join us from near Invergordon. My eventual 1000th Marilyn was Braigh na-Eaglaise in November. I am quickly becoming a revisionist in saying how highly appropriate it is for a Marilyn bagger to enter the Upper Hall on a totally uncharismatic hill.

Counting back from 2012, we discovered that 2011 was the year we achieved 1000 Marilyns together, on Winter Hill. We are lucky in that, being retired, we try to go out bagging when the weather is fine. However, in this wettest ever year in Scotland, despite nipping over the border to the Dales, Lancashire and Cheshire, I had to invest in a new pair of waterproof trousers.

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