Marhofn 230.13 - May 2011

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Tampering update

Alan Dawson

The surveyors' hatchets had a little less success last year, with Lovely Seat the only Marilyn casualty, being demoted just a few days after the April 2010 update sheet was published. Arnside Knott and Lambrigg Fell survived as Marilyns, Harter Fell failed to be promoted, and the highest point of Rhiw Gwraidd was identified. The Seager Hill summit was also pinned down, not by a survey but through diligent research on old OS maps by George Gradwell and Chris Crocker. Other surveys established the precise height of several summits on the borderline of various lists. Summary of findings below.

  Name Height Summit Drop Status
1D Beinn a'Chleibh916.3 NN25052560141 Still a Munro
4B The Fara911.4 NN59828426475 Still a Corbett
5 Geal-charn917.1 NN59647826178 Still a Munro
17E Beinn Talaidh761.7 NM62543470430 Still not a Corbett
30B Tryfan917.5 SH66415938191 Still a Furth Munro
30B Glyder Fawr1000.8 SH64245795645 Now 1000m Marilyn
30D Cerrig-y-Ieirch511 SH7588425129.2 Demoted Dewey
31B Rhiw Gwraidd442 SO01606343214 New summit point
34C Harter Fell778.9 NY45960932149.2 Still a SubMarilyn
34D Arnside Knott159.1 SD45607748150.8 Still a Marilyn
34D Lambrigg Fell339.6 SD58689418158.6 Still a Marilyn
35A Lovely Seat 674.7 SD87909504149.1 Now a SubMarilyn
35A Kisdon498.6 SD89919985184 Still not a Dewey
35A Hand Lake499.6 NY6472006141 Demoted Dewey
35A Linghaw498.8 SD6376985435.4 Demoted Dewey
35B Calf Top609.58 SD664485623120.02m under 2000ft
35B Kirkby Fell546 SD8735635031.1 New Dewey
36 Kinder Scout636.3 SK08488755496.6 Top, drop confirmed
38B Seager Hill272 SO61363895164 New summit point

More details on these and other surveys are available in a series of detailed reports on the hill-bagging website at:

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