Marhofn 230.13 - May 2011

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Tony Smith (+112=1101)

Another year and another plan - just don't break anything this time. Initially, I tackled some of the easier tops to re-establish some degree of hillwalking confidence and then travelled back to my favourite English county, Yorkshire, for my 1000th (from which we could, probably, see both my first and 600th). Many happy memories between these horizons and milestones. Highlight of the year has to be finally getting to the summit of Benvane, my final Corbett. The round took 42 years, so I guess in retrospect that a few more months delay with the broken leg was not really significant in the grand scheme of things. This hill also happened to be Lorna's 400th Marilyn; one more step towards another husband and wife partnership in the Hall.

In 2010 I managed to make some further inroads into the Welsh regions, but I can still only count a third as bagged. I feel another dose of M74/M6 coming on. As usual, some were much easier than anticipated. Gyrn Moelfre has good parking and a track from Moelfre Hall, but you need to ask first. Some were more difficult than expected, such as Edmund's Tump (32A), with mud and an excess of bovine inquisitiveness. Increasingly though, it is the north and west of Scotland which have the best opportunities to add to the total. Hence two weeks in the Hebrides was both productive and immensely enjoyable.

Best hill of the year? Best view for least effort, by far, was Auchtertyre Hill (12A). And the worst? White Hill (36), in thick cloud and after heavy rain, will take some beating. Without the loss of Lovely Seat I would have started 2011 on 1102, but I put that as near right as possible on 1 January with Carn Fiaclach (11B). I headed well along the track to the south of the loch to avoid the tree problems to the north-east of the summit.

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