Marhofn 230.13 - May 2011

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Alan Dawson

For several years there have been awards given out at the annual meeting for various achievements, apart from those years when we forgot or couldn't be bothered. The most coveted of these is the mad bagger award, which can only be won once, as specified by the founding fathers of the Marhof committee last century. It therefore seems a good idea to record past winners of this and other awards, otherwise we'll forget and someone might ended up getting the same award twice, which wouldn't do at all.

2005 Mad bagger Rob Woodall
2005 Lifetime mad bagger Rowland Bowker
2007 Mad bagger Richard Wood
2007 Mad hatter Brent Lynam
2007 Big bagger Ken Butcher
2007 Closet bagger Denise Mclellan
2007 Small baggers Mary Butcher, Kathy Cooper, Eleni Goumeas
2007 Young bagger Jamie Everett
2009 Mad bagger Martin Collins
2010 Mad bagger Iain Brown
2010 Lifetime mad bagger Ann Bowker
2010 Hill scientist Clem Clements

In 2005 there was a vote for mad bagger, Rob Woodall winning with 33 votes, ahead of Chris Upson with 23 and Brent Lynam with 15. More recently the award has gone to the bagger with the highest annual tally who has not won it before and is present to receive it.

Tribute to mad bagger Rob Woodall in Mississippi

Tribute to mad bagger Rob Woodall in Mississippi

While we're doing all this formal stuff, it seems a good idea to record the current office holders. Together these constitute the Marhof committee, or would do if they had ever met together to discuss Marhof, which they haven't, apart from at the annual gathering, which doesn't really count as all those baggers being there makes it difficult to discuss confidential matters. Not that there are any, but there might be one day.

Chair: Jonathan Woods
Treasurer: Bert Barnett
Secretary: Alan Dawson
Chief Chanter: Lindsay Munro
Membership Secretary: Jon Metcalf
Editorial Assistant: Chris Watson
General Lyricist: Janet Munro
Landmark Lyricist: Alison Wilson

The duties of the two lyricist posts are even more nebulous than those of the others, but have been included in order to comply with EU rules requiring at least 25% female membership in all hillwalking committees.

Next year will be my last as Marhofn editor, as I have decided to retire after 14 years. If the magazine is to continue, a new editor will be needed by January 2013. Nothing lasts forever, as Echo and the Bunnymen so sagely sang. A promising new editor has been identified and will be trained in editorial matters and in dealing with the enormous power and responsibility involved.

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