Marhofn 230.13 - May 2011


Extra-curricular bagging

Base camp and summit of 6893m Ojos Del Salado (photo: Rob Woodall)

The last year or so has brought a lot more defection by Hall of Fame members from Marilyns to other targets, notably Ultras and Humps. Bob Kerr climbed Denali, his fifth continental summit, Peter Ellis added Mount Vinson to Denali, Rob Woodall managed to get up Aconcagua, Ojos Del Salado and other major peaks, Jim Bloomer went Bogong bagging, Mark Trengove and Peter Simpson made tracks to the Tatras, while Alison Richardson, Janet Munro and Lindsay Munro joined the fun by bagging Kilimanjaro. Will Nutberry Hill still have the same appeal after all this? But lots of new Hall members are sticking to the script.

Turbo bagging

Eighteen new members have joined the Hall in the past year, some of whom seem pretty keen, such as Andrew Lawson who added 170 to reach 600, Charlie Scott with 109, Douglas Law with 90 and Gibson Fleming with 89. However, all fall well short of Michael Earnshaw, who added 96 to pass 600 in 2009 but followed up with an incredible 436 in 2010 to leap into the Upper Hall, passing Ken Whyte's 405 in 2000 and second only to the phenomenal Andrew Tibbetts, who added 549 in 2006. No-else else has added over 300 in a year, though Tony Payne might have done in 1996 and 1997 if Irish hills were included (they're not).

Summit of 6196m Denali (photo: Bob Kerr)


One Hall member, Graham Bunn, tragically fell to his death from the summit of Yr Aran last October. His wife Anne was with him at the time. There is a tribute to Graham on the back page of this issue. In March 2007 another Hall member, Jennifer Thomson, went missing on Beinn Bhreac or Coraddie, near Colintraive. Despite extensive searches by numerous volunteers, no trace of her was found until 25 March 2011, when her body was found in a bivvy bag in dense forest at Troustan near the shore of Loch Striven. Evidently she got down safely in terrible weather but did not survive the night. Her ashes will be scattered on the last hill she climbed.

Portree in June

The annual gathering for 2011 will take place on Skye for the first time, organised again by Alan Holmes, following the great success of Ullapool last year. A few places at Portree are still available; details on page 2.

Sims completion

Glacier on 5895m Kilimanjaro (photo: Lindsay Munro)

In June 2010 Alan Dawson announced a new metric list, the Sims, comprising the 2530 British summits over 600m with 30m drop. Incredibly, by the end of September, Ken Whyte reported that he had climbed them all. The story of this amazing effort is on page 24.

Humps in print

The growing Humps Hall of Fame is shown on page 43. In August 2010 the Humps book, 'More Relative Hills of Britain' by Mark Jackson, became available for printing on demand from for £18 plus postage.

Tamperers subdued

In the past year only one Marilyn has changed; Lovely Seat was demoted in May, making the current total 1554. Details of recent survey results are on page 36.

Inside Marhofn 230...

Summit ridge of 357m Cnoc an Daimh Mhor

Lots of good interesting stuff. Read it find out what.


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