Marhofn 212.12 - May 2010



Janet Munro on Creag na Criche (photo: Lindsay Munro)

The New Marhofn Editors have introduced a few changes to the magazine to bring it up to date. Instead of all those long-winded bagpipe solos, this issue features numerous bands and artists from past and present, with some interesting new collaborations. Several of the old favourites are still included, but with a fresh arrangement.

The Magic Numbers

There is of course still a place for the all-important chart run-down, with some additional charts and a new number one. There has been quite a shake-up in positions, with the Human League incorporating New Order and several New Kids on the Block. The new line-up is beginning to resemble Crowded House, but more new members are expected in future.

Level 42

We had hoped to bring news of the end of Level 42, but it hasn't happened yet. The combined efforts of Cliff, Swell Season and The Police continue to keep The Bravery off the top. Not many people are getting into hard rock, and there is still a lot of funk around.

Way Out West

The main feature in the Colourbox is an illustrated interview with several members of The Waterboys, who give impressions of their successful overseas tour last September, when they were supported by So Solid Crew.

The Association

Munrodesk on stage in Stirling, January 2010 (photo: Brent Lynam)

By popular request, we include a look back at some of the great festivals of the past ten years. The line-up of this year's big event is already mostly complete, though there are still some names to be confirmed. A few tickets are still available.

Janet Munro's latest song was released to her fans in June. Although she was not responsible for its promotion, she did help introduce lots of people to Creag na Criche, who in turn helped her celebrate reaching the top.


Many readers will already have heard about another big hit for The Tamperer, who has again been busy. His computer-assisted approach may not please those who prefer the familiarity of the Status Quo, but he certainly gets results and keeps people on their toes.


Every year there are various annual events for everyone to look forward to. Now Baggershambles, going into its fourth year, has become a firmly established favourite on the social calendar. The first event was hosted at the Crieff Hotel in autumn 2007. Originally intended as a one-off, it gave an excuse for hillwalkers to get together socially and have an evening of entertainment. Plans were soon being drawn up for a second Baggershambles, such was the enthusiasm that followed the inaugural event. Baggershambles 2 was then held at The Birds and the Bees in Stirling, as was Baggershambles 3 a year later. Perhaps the secret of its success lies in its genuine variety of entertainment, covering anything from traditional Scottish folk songs to Teenage Kicks. The majority of performers are baggers, some making their live debut.

Baggershambles 4 will be held on Saturday 20 November 2010, again at The Birds and the Bees, Causewayhead, Stirling. This has proved to be an excellent venue, complete with all-important bar and bar meals. Doors open at 7pm and there is a token admission charge of around £2 to cover costs. Everyone is very welcome to come along and if you've not been before you're sure to find the experience an ideal way to brighten up the darkening autumn nights. There's also scope to make a weekend out of it and bag a few nearby hills during the day. News and photos are now available via Baggershambles on Facebook.

Jon Foote at Baggershambles 3 (photo: Brent Lynam)

Inside Marhofn 212:

Ace of Base: Don't turn around now says Matt Rendle
A-ha: Hunting high and low with Andy Hyams
Bad Company: Alan Dawson finds good lovin' gone bad
Big Country: Brian Dickson spends months on the crossing
Earth, Wind and Fire: September is a big month for Bob Kerr
Embrace: It's a glorious day in the end for Campbell Singer
Enigma: There's no return to innocence for Ian Henderson
Europe: The final countdown for Iain Thow and Andrew Dempster
Fairport Convention: Meet on the ledge, or in the pub
Genesis: How Robert Poole decided to follow you, follow me
Little Feat: Ronald Turnbull is willin but Kevin Palmer finds trouble
Men at Work: Graham Bunn takes time off down under
New Kids on the Block: You got it (the right stuff)
No Doubt: Don't speak too soon, reckons Val Hamilton
Snap: Campbell Singer on the power of coincidence
Snow Patrol: Chasing cairns is the final straw for Alan Dawson
Talking Heads: Eric Young takes a road to nowhere
Teenage Fanclub: Mark Jackson gets a little bandwagonesque
The Doors: Neil Stewart is poised to break on through
The Human League: A much better place, either with or without you
The Prodigy: Mark Jackson is the firestarter for a new game
The Small Faces: Several alternatives to a lazy Sunday
The Smiths: A rush and a push and the land is ours
The Tamperer: What's it gonna be like with a chimney on it?
The Waterboys: That was the river, this is the sea
Trio: Gavin Theobald goes da da da for a triple finish
Wet Wet Wet: Love is all around Andy Tomkins but he finds only rain
999: Peter Collins calls in the emergency services

...and much more