Marhofn 196.11 - May 2009

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Baglogs: Central Chamber:

Baglog: Jim Fothergill (+100=960)

The highlight was a fortnight in the Outer Hebrides, where I managed to bag all the 'mainland' hills of Harris and Uist. I faced a difficult decision on the final day on Uist - go to St Kilda with a diving group from Aberdeen or tick off the last four mundane Uist hills. I didn't go but I got copies of all their photos. They only had a couple of hours there.

Other trips were to hostels at Stirling (staff nicked or threw away much of our week's food but it was mostly retrieved), Broadford, Kendoon, Melrose and Aviemore (again staff threw away some of our food but replaced it). We have never had SYHA problems like these in 14 years of visits - it seems to stem from fear of health and safety inspections.

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