Marhofn 196.11 - May 2009

Dun and Hirta from Bioda Mor (photo: Rob Woodall)


Over the Wall

On 12 April 2009 a party of eight baggers reached the summit of Boreray in the St Kilda group. Plans for possible landings on other islands were thwarted by weather and lack of time rather than the NTS, who had given permission for the expedition. Three days later Rob Woodall and Ian Teasdale landed on Dun, along with the NTS warden.

New Marilyns

A survey last year by John Barnard and Graham Jackson showed that Sail Chalmadale on Arran is now a Marilyn, with 150.5m drop. Surveys of Raw Head (36) and Mynydd y Cwm (30C) were less conclusive but have led to Raw Head being demoted and Mynydd y Cwm promoted. The current Marilyn total is therefore 1555 (Scotland 1215, IoM 5, Wales 157, England 178).

Strontian in June

This year's main meeting is being organised by Jonathan Woods and will be held in Strontian from 5-7 June. All welcome. Lots of bookings already made but there are still some places left.


There have been 13 new Hall of Fame members in the past year, including two and a half new couples, the first person to enter the Hall on a Bilbo (Alan Brook) and the first on a final Corbett (Bob Taylor). There are also 15 new Upper Hall members. Michael Earnshaw recorded the third known highest annual increase: 314.

Tryfan Up and Dundry Down

Gaining far more votes than any other hill in any class, Tryfan was voted as the best 600m+ hill in Wales in the Marilyn poll, while smelly Dundry Down gained the most votes for the worst hill of all. But in Scotland, with far more choice, results were less clear.

Sell Out

After 17 years, all 3000 copies of The Relative Hills of Britain have finally been sold. Cicerone Press have printed another 100 copies, in 'short-run digital format', with no photographs, but the price has gone up to £14.99 (or £14 including postage direct from Marhofn HQ).


Baggershambles 3 will be held on Saturday 21 November 2009 at the Birds and Bees in Stirling. Start time 7pm. Live bands, ceilidh, disco, dancing and good company. Admission £2 or £1 for under 18's. More information from Brent Lynam at


This is the eleventh edition of Marhofn, the newsletter for Marilyn baggers. Marhofn 196 was compiled, edited and produced by Alan Dawson, with invaluable assistance from Bert Barnett. Marhofn is distributed free of charge to members of the Marilyn Hall of Fame and anyone else interested. Contributions such as stamps, cheques (payable to Marhofn), Paypal payments and mystery parcels are welcome. Huge thanks to everyone who has already assisted. The next Marhofn will appear in May 2010 all being well. Articles, numbers and pictures should be sent in by 31 January.

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Inside Marhofn 196:

Pure Strontian: Details of the indoor event of the year
600m high: Alan Brook Bilbos into the Hall on Black Combe
Bagful of baglogs: Who, what, where, when and how
Taking no notice: Graham Illing's security bypass operation
Better than football: Rachael Metcalf analyses her motives
Young gun goes for it: Jamie Everett-Hogg targets 200
Hills Database: Chris Crocker describes Access arrangements
Highs and lows: Elation and deflation with Audrey Litterick
Limited company: Colin Crawford recounts being alone
Surveying 1: Graham Jackson explains theory and equipment
Surveying 2: John Barnard describes practice and results
Brief update: Summary of recent changes to the list
Small Hall: The slimmed down table of members
Hellos: Ian, Matt, Margaret, Gerry, Liz, Peter, Val and Bob
Tips for the Tops: More routes to enjoy or avoid
At the Wall: Richard Wood considers doing them all again
Excuse Annexe: Where life gets in the way of bagging
Hall of Shame: Gomls move around but never go away
Norwegian would and did: Tove Illing enters the Corridor
Brighter earlier: Recollections from Rowland Bowker
Ultravox: Rob Woodall teams up with even bigger baggers
Cook's cave: Donald Irvine finds a gnome to go to
Secrets and lies: Etymology and entymology with Eric Young
Hill psephology: Results and analysis of the Marilyn poll
Voting motives: Eddie Dealtry and Audrey Litterick ruminate
Backlog: Jon Metcalf trawls through his old hill diaries
Together at last: Trevor and Sue Littlewood into four figures
Frank Baugh: Andy Tomkins confesses to trouble at Fell
Centre points: Thomas Murray unravels Dungavel and Yarlside
Playtime: David Hughes takes his fancy new GPS for a spin
Region 25: Mullach an Eilein and Bioda Mor in the bag