Marhofn 183.10 - May 2008


Is this the best view in Britain? Phil Dant thinks so


Jennifer Thomson remembered by Brent Lynam

Baglogs: Upper Hall

Surveying the Hills by John Barnard

Tips for the Tops

Baglogs: Central Chamber

Life after Grahams by Michael Curtis

How Green is my Bagging? by Barbara Jones

The Thrill of Misadventure

Landmarks by Colin Crawford

Marilyn Hall of Fame 31 December 2007

Marilyn Poll

Beyond the Wall by Rob Woodall

Ultra bagging the hard way: Tenerife, March 2007 by Brent Lynam

Baglogs: Lower Tiers

Tips for the bottom

Hall of Shame

Seven Stages of Bagging by Alan Dawson

Baglogs: Corridor of Obscurity

A Good Year by Eric Young

Coming to Prominence by Lee Newton (+17=441)

Sheet Music by Alan Dawson

Marilyns - verses - poetry by Alan Dawson

Baglogs: Cellar Field

The Bill Drummond Challenge

Marhofn Competition 2008


New Hall of Fame Members