Marhofn 171.09 - May 2007

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A-Z of Christmas on Skye (and Hogmanay)

Alison Wilson

A for Alan, Arch Accomplice and Accompanyist (Accompanist?).

B for Brent, Bagger extraordinaire.

C for Conic Hill: Chant, scarf, Congratulatory phone Call at Cairn.

D for Drymen and a welcome Drink. Also an opportunity for men (and women) to get Dry.

E for Eagle, white-tailed, identified by Eagle-Eyed Expert.

F for Fighting (Fiddling with) the Fire to get a decent Flame - Alan the maestro (AD: well, I was child prodigy Firestarter).

G for Golf tiddlywinks at 2am. But I think I prefer real greens.

H for Hills by Head torch, Hurrying toward the Hall of Fame (glad the Hogmanay Hill wasn't any Higher).

I for Invisible man - Rob, disappearing at dawn each day to reappear at dusk (ish).

J for Jigging and high Jinks at Crieff on Hogmanay. And Joys of digital photography, with instant viewing of our Jaunts.

K for Kings of the Kitchen, Alan and Brent.

L for Leak in the Lounge. No, we didn't let the bath overflow.

M for Mud at the front door. The Muscle-Men Managed to extricate my Motor car.

N for Non-event - the ceilidh on our last Night in Portree.

O for Overtime, by Brent (and Alan), Out well after dark.

P for Piece of cake: i) Ben Dearg, easier than anticipated, and ii) welcome titbit after a Pounding on Conic Hill.

Q for Quite a change from a 'normal' Christmas, but much appreciated.

R for Roneval - drove Round but was Rained off, and Ready for a Return home.

S for SBC - braw wee hill just north of Portree, with Superb views of Sunlight over Sutherland and The Storr.

T for Trigger, aka Rob the Tireless Ticker; a new word in my vocabulary (had only met Tigger before).

U for Unscheduled departure, of Bert and Jim on 25th, due to an unfortunate bereavement.

V for Viewfield, the palatial 'cottage', Venue for Vast Variety of Veggie meals (Very good they were too).

W for Weather. We had quite a lot of it (I had a bit of a problem with the Wind).

X for Xmas of course. And an Xtra special ten-veg Xmas dinner prepared by Brent.

Y for Yeamans. If the one in Glen Brittle is typical, count me out.

Z for my Zzzzz, while the men watched Match of the Day or the cricket, in an otherwise TV-free Zone.

View from SBC - Sithean Bhealaich Chumhaing (photo: Alan Dawson)

View from SBC - Sithean Bhealaich Chumhaing (photo: Alan Dawson)

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