Marhofn 171.09 - May 2007


Phil Cooper and Andrew Tibbetts on Beinn Mhor, South Uist (photo: Brent Lynam)

549! (and five at 1549)

Andrew Tibbetts climbed a staggering 549 new Marilyns last year, crashing into the Hall of Fame on the way, aged 25. His father Richard joined him seven months later, making them the first son and father pair in the Hall, though Ian and Chris Watson are not far behind. Full story inside.

Meanwhile, Don Smithies and Ken Butcher hit the wall at the end of the Hall in reaching 1549, James Gordon and Graham Illing finished the mainland Marilyns, and Bob Garrett reached 600 less than eight years after he started bagging at the age of 56. Eighteen new members in the past year brings current Hall membership to 171, with plenty more on the way.

Birks Fell in, Horse Head out

Birks Fell has been reinstated as a Marilyn, after several years in exile, replacing Horse Head Moor. This is only the second re-entry, after Baystones was reinstated in 2001. For details of how this was confirmed see inside.

Gorgeous Galloway

St John's Town of Dalry is the venue for the annual get-together in June, organised this year by Brent Lynam. All are welcome, including parents and partners, offspring and siblings, friends and countrymen.

Inside Marhofn 171:

Look back at anchors: Phil Cooper's fortnight 44
From sweet FA to SJTOD: Annual pilgrimages past and future
Tibbettron: How Andrew Tibbetts marched from 271 to 820
Oh no, not again: Mud-baths and lock-ins with Brent Lynam
A-Z of Skye: Iconic holiday recalled by Alison Wilson
Mainlanding: Graham Illing and James Gordon mop up
Bootful of baglogs: 44 tales of boats, bogs and bags
Co-ordinates of uncertainty: Ins and outs, ups and downs
Barnard's tackle: Hill surveying surveyed by John Barnard
Meet the Stotts: Chasing waterfalls with Colin Crawford
Getting past it: Top tips for a seedy collection of summits
Tannoys, tunnels and arrows: Oddities from here and there
One scull, two skulls: Hamish and Charles go paddling
Lerags and le riches: Hall of Shame horrors and wee gems
See you on top: Eric Young greets Sotas, trigs and Hoffers
Hall of Fame table: One-line profile of every Hall member
Older, younger, faster, slower: Yet more names and numbers
An Dun 4 Kisdon 2: It's the Bill Drummond Challenge
Brief encounter: Campbell Singer's fateful platform meeting
Across the Threshold: New members account for themselves
Way to go: Corridor inhabitants set their sights higher
Long way to go: Cellar dwellers keep crawling along
Flushed out: Taking the P600 trail with Rob Woodall
Portrack to Sparta: Down the garden path with Val Hamilton
Endgame: David Hughes on and off his bike in Fisherfield
Endgame: Michael Curtis takes a long road to Strathconon
Endgame: Roderick Manson goes coast-to-coast for a triple
Endgame: Ken Butcher cleans up nine lists in one trip
A-Z of USA: State highpointing reviewed by Dave Hewitt
Backlog: Klaus Schwartz counts up and gets the picture


This is the ninth edition of Marhofn, the newsletter for Marilyn baggers. Marhofn 171 was compiled, edited and produced by Alan Dawson, with valuable assistance from Bert Barnett. Marhofn is distributed free of charge to members of the Marilyn Hall of Fame and anyone else interested, although contributions such as stamps, cheques and chocs are welcome. Many thanks to everyone who has already assisted. See for more details. The next issue of Marhofn will appear in May 2008 all being well. Contributors are encouraged to submit articles, numbers, comments and pictures by 31 January. Contacts:

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