Marhofn 153.08 - May 2006

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Flash Gordon does it again

Bert Barnett

Gasps echoed round the Hall when we heard that James Gordon had completed the Graham Tops. As the initial researcher for the booklet Graham Tops and Grahamists (TACit Press, 2004), James was arguably equipped with the best theoretical knowledge of those hills, but this in no way detracts from the magnitude of his accomplishment. Many congratulations and wonder at this achievement.

I remember my disbelief when I learned in February 2002 that a celebration outing had been arranged for a chap who was completing the 669 Corbett Tops. This was only 31 months after the booklet Corbett Tops and Corbetteers (TACit Press, 1999) had been published, for a limited readership of people who (like me) were intrigued by a list that had no-one had completed.

The Graham Tops would seem to require bagging on another scale, with 1000 hills located in parts of the Highlands which, looking at the maps, made the task seem unattractive as well as arduous. But James Gordon took only 17 months from publication to completion. I predict that a repeat of this feat will be a long time coming.

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