Marhofn 133.07 - May 2005

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Dear Marhofn,

I was surprised and a bit pleased that a name I'm so familiar with is used to describe hills in Britain of a certain height. Like mini-Tetons, are these hills named because they resemble part of the female anatomy? And, in this case, the upper reaches of a certain famous American actress? Also pleased that one of your readers and climbers who has done more than a thousand Marilyns was on his way to one of the Scottish isles, Canna, apparently to climb a few more - Roderick Manson, I think. He might be amused to know that the name of a half-Italian American woman is linked with this outdoor activity. My name is southern Italian and is also the name of a small town in Calabria where many of my dad's ancestors came from. Friends have suggested that maybe some monks traveling from southern Italy got off course and found themselves on an uninhabited isle near ancient Britain where they continued saving civilization through illuminated manuscripts and mountain climbing. Guess that may be more of a Monty Python view of history.

Marilyn Canna
Product Development Manager
American Massage Therapy Association

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