Marhofn 133.07 - May 2005

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Dangerous corners in the Corridor

Chris Watson

(501, and nearly out)

Since reaching 400 on the last day of 2002, I have fallen a bit behind my target of 50 per year. Too many single-Marilyn days due to bagging more Corbetts and Grahams as I travel yet further west and north from my Tayport caravan to find new ticks. I have completed all but one Marilyn in a 75km radius, and now have a few tricky Cairngorm tops to reach to clear off the 80km radius. One of Munro's own misses, Carn an Fhidhleir, is a long day out for an old man.

I did get to 450 on 1 January 2004, on Ben Vrackie, but then only got to 492 at end of the year. The main difference from 2003 was the RHB meet. Whereas I had bagged 12 at the Ludlow meet in 2004, I only got up two in Perthshire last June. However, a determined start to 2005 saw me arrive in the Lakes for a couple of days with my 500th in sight. This was duly completed on Whitfell, and a short drive down to Muncaster saw me reach 501. Unfortunately, my car was written off in an accident as I turned to go back to Ambleside and my holiday plans seemed to be in tatters - fortunately, I wasn't. Thanks to modern communications, I was up and running in a hire car within 24 hours and managed to get up Black Combe before returning to New Brighton. The HoF entry target remains the end of 2006, when I will be 60 and a bit, but there's no rush really. I'll get there in the end if I drive carefully. It may even be a joint effort with my eldest son, Ian, who is well over 500 but slowing down due to imminent parenthood.

Peter Drummond, Drummond Hill

Peter Drummond (second left) prepares for Hall entry on his ancestral land, along with Alan Dawson, David Purchase and Dave Hewitt (photo: Ken Stewart)

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