Marhofn 106.06 - May 2004

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One man went to Mow

Mark Trengove

Scotland may have its In Pinn, but England can boast its tiny equivalent in the Old Man of Mow. Having perused various web descriptions of this monstrosity (and Marhofn 58, page 9), I decided a visit was in order to see if there was any chance of me decisively completing the English SubMarilyns. I am no rock climber and the answer looks to be 'no'. I took a photo from ground level at the trig point (see above), which shows that the Old Man is a good metre or so above the base of the trig point. On In Pinn principles, the highest point is not Mow Cop but the Old Man beside it. I keep two slivers of hope:

Definitely worth further investigation for those with surveying skills.

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