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2003: The good, the bad and the niggly by Alan Dawson

Theatre of the absurd by Colin Crawford

Ticking over (baglogs)

Tea room tales by Val Hamilton

Office Windows - 2003 Update by Phil Cooper

The case of the phantom cars by Leslie Barrie

The case of the phantom wood by Eddie Dealtry

Candidates for change

Swithering heights by David Purchase

One man in three boats by Phil Cooper

One man went to Mow by Mark Trengove

Hall of Shame by Jon Metcalf

Tips for the tops

Marilyn Hall of Fame 31 December 2003

Emerging from obscurity

The woman who started at 50 by Denise Clark

Cellar Dwellers

Strangely strange but oddly normal

Wee Gems

St Kilda, May 2003: One man's log by Bert Barnett

Up to my neck in it on Shetland by Jennifer Thomson

Endgame: Subs and Yeamans by Rob Woodall

Baggers abroad

The Taming of The Slate by Alan Dawson

Trallval pursuits

The golden key to the baronial Hall by Bruce Smith

Remembering Paul Richardson by Jon Metcalf

This is the sixth edition of Marhofn, the Marilyn Hall of Fame newsletter. A Marilyn is a hill of any height with a drop of 150 metres or more on all sides. In other words, a relatively high hill. There are 1552 Marilyns in Britain, and this newsletter is for people who climb them, especially people who have climbed 600 or more, and so are eligible for membership of the Marilyn Hall of Fame. The Marilyns are listed in a book called The Relative Hills of Britain (RHB) by Alan Dawson, published by Cicerone Press in April 1992. Details of subsequent changes to the list of Marilyns have been published in a series of update sheets, most recently in April 2002. Marhofn is distributed free of charge to Hall of Fame members and anyone else interested, although contributions such as stamps and cheques are welcome. Many thanks to everyone who has already assisted - it is very much appreciated.

Inside Marhofn 106:

Good man gone: Jon Metcalf remembers Paul Richardson
Ticking over: annual round-up of members' doings and dontings
Bagging - what's that all about then? Colin Crawford muses on why we do what we do
Flourieval: Val Hamilton twins Grahams with gardens and goodies
Windows update: Phil Cooper shares his views on office instalments past and present
You too? Leslie Barrie and Eddie Dealtry can't find what they're looking for
Elementary surveying: David Purchase explains how to tell whether you're on the top
Century club: The Hall of Fame bulges past one hundred
Emergency admissions: New members sign in at reception
How fate led to fame: Denise Clark explains how a Knight led her up the garden path to the Hall of plenty
Kilda bewilders: Bert Barnett reports back from section 25
Bags of beyond: Rob Woodall's bagging shows no sign of flagging
The wind and the wallows: Jennifer Thomson gets her numbers up on Shetland, and nearly finds her number's up
Continental selection: Chris Pearson selects his favourite summits from around the globe: all bagged but not all jagged
Mountaineering in Kintyre: Alan Dawson wipes The Slate from his list of must-go-back-soon hills

plus all the usual favourites: gems and GOMLs, shites and eyesores, tips for the tops, hits and flops, heights and drops...

Marhofn 2005

The next issue of Marhofn is likely to appear in May 2005. Hall members and others are encouraged to submit articles, numbers, comments, photos and cash by 31 January 2005.

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