Marhofn 93.05 - May 2003

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Irish Marilyns

Peter Wilson

My Irish total rose by nine or ten to 177, with one summit previously ticked but not actually ascended. Slievemartin and Knockchree (43B) were separate ascents on a dull, wet and windy Sunday in May. The descent from Slievemartin took us past Cloghmore - giant erratic boulders, granite on greywacke. Later in the month, on a similar day, a stroll up the wind-farm access road and 100 metres across the bog gave us Owenreagh Hill. A June weekend in Fermanagh enabled us to claim Bolaght Mountain (a long forest trek) and Pollnalaght (200 metres from the road). The trig-pointed hill on Aranmore Island (Donegal) had previously been visited and duly ticked. Scanning the map and Marilyn list showed a nearby summit was a metre higher. The error was rectified in August. The following day we had bog-hopping ascents of Croveenananta and Boultypatrick (45C) from the road between them, then a day later a circular walk from Skelpoonagh Bay along the cliffed coast to Port, and back across the broad hill crest that culminates in Croaghacullion.

In mid-September, following the annual Glover Highlander walk, we headed for the south side of the Gweebarra River and in low cloud made our way through the forest and across the higher ground, where we emerged from the clag, and on to the summit of Croaghleheen for views across half of Donegal, from which the mist was slowly dispersing. The descent took us across some very rough ground east of the forest - a route I cannot recommend.

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