Marhofn 93.05 - May 2003

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Cellar Field:

Mark Trengove (232)

Shaken free of foot-and-mouth restrictions, I managed 60 this year, ranging from Land's End (Watch Croft) to Loch Maree (Slioch). Amongst the greatest prizes were a good dose of Knoydart hills (including the 518m Druim na Cluain-airighe) and a number of the mid-Wales hills of evil GOML reputation - all without incident.

Some of the most interesting hills of lesser height this year have been Welsh SubMarilyns. The twin-topped Bryn Brith (30F) is a particularly fine hill, and far superior to the neighbouring Marilyn Craig y Castell for the airy ruggedness of its south summit and magnificent view of the Mawddach Estuary from the north. Highly recommended. I am now well past halfway on my quest for all the Welsh Marilyns, and have had to ration new Welsh Hewitts so I can finish both together.

Perhaps the most memorable event of the year was my first failed attempt at Great Whernside (I got it later in the year). While sheltering from an almighty thunderstorm I watched lightning strike the ground I had been walking over a few minutes earlier. The thought of being stuck for eternity at only 208 Marilyns when I approached the Pearly Gates was a sobering thought. Perhaps St Peter would have turned me back to reach a respectable number. At least floating on a cloud I could bag the St Kilda six.

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