Marhofn 93.05 - May 2003

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SubMarilyns under scrutiny:

Mynydd y Cwm (30C, LR116)

John Barnard

In Marhofn 84 Mark Trengove suggested that Mynydd y Cwm might well be a new Welsh Marilyn. John Barnard has been to see for himself and offers a second opinion:


The summit is marked by a reasonably-sized cairn with a wooden cross sticking out of it, located in a small clearing in a rather inhospitable 'plateau' covered with brambles. I thought that a point about 50m SE could be higher. Looking back the cairn seemed lower but I would not swear to it, since the undergrowth makes it even more difficult to tell.

The OS map shows a 305m contour at the summit. I estimate this contour to be about 0.8mm in diameter, indicating that the contour should be about 20m in diameter on the ground. I would say that the ground drops away by about 0.5m, so I think Mark Trengove's estimate for the summit of 305.5m is not a bad guess.

The best place to start is SJ079768, where there is a wide area you can park without obstructing the forestry gate. Just follow the track until it gets as near to the summit as possible and then make a direct line to it. I found a number of tracks of varying quality but getting to the summit did not present any difficulties.


I think this is the key to the status of this hill. I have scanned the map with a magnifying glass until cross-eyed, which for me does not take long. I am quite sure that Mark's assessment of the rough position of the bwlch between this and Penycloddiau is right.

I also agree with the spot height position marked at 156m on the small road at SJ173678. Certainly the road drops into the field on either side by about 1.5m. On the map there are 155m contours east and west of this road that define the col as in this region, so an estimate of slightly below 155m for the col seems reasonable. But by how much? Some surveying equipment is really needed in the field to the east of the road to confirm this absolutely.

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