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This is the fifth edition of Marhofn, the Marilyn Hall of Fame newsletter. A Marilyn is a hill of any height with a drop of 150 metres or more on all sides. In other words, a relatively high hill. There are 1552 Marilyns in Britain, and this newsletter is for people who like to climb them, especially people who have climbed 600 or more, and so are eligible for membership of the Marilyn Hall of Fame. The Marilyns are all listed in a book called The Relative Hills of Britain (RHB) by Alan Dawson, published by Cicerone Press in April 1992. Details of subsequent changes to the list of Marilyns have been published in a series of update sheets, most recently in April 2002. Marhofn is distributed free of charge to Hall of Fame members and anyone else interested, although contributions such as stamps and cheques are welcome. Many thanks to everyone who has already assisted - it is very much appreciated.

The next issue of Marhofn is likely to appear around April/May 2004. Hall members and others are encouraged to submit articles, numbers, comments, photos and cash by 31 January 2004.

Post: Alan Dawson, 49 Airthrey Avenue, Glasgow G14 9LY
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A few of the short items in this issue of Marhofn have already appeared on the RHB list and are reproduced here with authors' permission.