Marhofn 58.03 - May 2001

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Sub Section 2000

Mynydd Bwlch-y-Groes (32A)

Charles Knowles: Trig column is located in the middle of an army artillery range, alongside an army road which the public, provided they do not stop, are allowed to use on most days of the year, even when the red flags are flying and training is taking place. Does this mean that the army can not hit a moving target? I took a chance, stopped the car, left the engine running, got out just long enough to touch the trig column, note its flush plate number and claim my summit, then back into the car and on my way again, by which time there was an army land rover right on my tail. Fortunately I was not arrested.

Old Man of Mow (36)

David Hoyle: SubMarilyns (even those in England) are generally worthwhile. Some provide excellent walking and views, and the majority don't feel too different from the real thing. The top of the Old Man of Mow is higher than the ground near the trig point by 4-5 feet. I climbed the normal (hard-severe) route 16 years ago despite the remonstrations of a local (possibly self-appointed) warden who tried to deter all climbers. I visited the area again recently, and the pinnacle may collapse at any time, as bits are still falling off.

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