Marhofn 58.03 - May 2001

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Island Hoping:

St Kilda (25)

Alan Dawson

I have never been to St Kilda and so can not comment from personal experience. However, several people have asked about it, so there is clearly growing interest and a need for some useful information, albeit second-hand. I have spoken to four people who have been there and who between them have climbed all the St Kilda Marilyns. What follows is my own interpretation of the current situation:

In summary, a trip to any of the islands other than Hirta and Dun should be treated as a major expedition. Anyone who is interested in going is advised to find out more beforehand, as the access situation in particular is liable to change. Stuart Benn has made a number of visits in a professional capacity, and is willing to offer informal advice to individuals on matters such as travel to and between the islands, access, landings and routes. He can be contacted by email to

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