Marhofn 58.03 - May 2001

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Island Hoping:

Mullach Mor, Holy Island (20C)

Jon Metcalf

We were met by a member of the community on landing, who told us a bit about the place and asked that we didn't disturb a retreat happening at the far end of the island, otherwise it was unrestricted access. We were welcomed to the community building for a cup of tea while waiting for the boat back to Arran. Went over the hill (surprisingly narrow at the top) and down to the far end of the island. There were large fissures near the path down to the south lighthouse, which were cordoned off with plastic tape. Came back round the west coast path, which was naturally beautiful, and adorned from time to time with buddhist paintings on rocks and carvings in the caves. This superficial 3-4 hour visit left enough time for another hill on the main island in the afternoon. I'd heard that visitors aren't particularly welcome, but this wasn't my experience at all.

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