Marhofn 58.03 - May 2001

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Cellar Field:

Mark Trengove (115)

I'm afraid distance from Alba, job and young family keep me from prolonged and sustained bouts of bagging, but I have managed 60 Marilyns this year, ranging from Cornwall to Skye. I may not be wolfing them down, but they've certainly been tasty morsels. Highlights have been too many to mention, but sunrise over the Scafells during a wild camp on Hard Knott stays in the memory, as does watching a thunderstorm over the Cuillin from the (relative) safety of Glamaig.

My own dear Welsh hills have of course featured much too. A day to myself on and around Pumlumon remains fresh in my memory. Lowlights have included losing map and map case in a sudden gust of wind in the dark during a snowstorm on the summit of Cairnsmore of Carsphairn on a solo trip last December. It was a good thing I'd memorised the route and carried spare batteries for my head torch. In their own way, such incidents stick in the memory as exhilarating adventures.

The beauty of Marilyn bagging is how you can mix family walks with solo and group outings. My walking companions have covered many Marilyns, although they are not the type to tick lists (apart from the Munros). It's the very esoteric nature of the pursuit which makes it so attractive.

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