Marhofn 58.03 - May 2001

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Corridor Corner:

Helen McLaren (552)

This was definitely year of the Marilyn for me, with 87 new hills climbed. However, instead of sticking mostly to Corbetts and Grahams, this year I made a conscious effort to seek out more of the smaller, more obscure hills. I guess I just had to find out for myself what all the fuss was about. So I have had a good crack at Section 19A, completed Section 23, driven to the top of a hill, which is a great way to bag, and, much as I hate being predictable, become firmly hooked.

As always there have been a lot of good times, and a few lows too. The worst days were all due to bad weather. On Knap of Trowieglen on Hoy the bonxies weren't even interested in playing dive bombers -they just looked at me as if I was plain daft -and by the time I'd got round to Cuilags anything with more sense than a bagger, in other words absolutely everything, had gone into hiding.

But it is the best days that really stay with you, and two in particular stick in my mind from this year. They can happen in the most unpromising and unlikely places too -though maybe they catch you all the better for being unexpected and, therefore, unsought. Sitting alone in the middle of the peat bog which is the summit of Mid Tooin (23), listening to a plover's plaintive cry, was so incredibly peaceful I wanted it to go on forever. My other memorable day of the year came with sunshine, good company, a glass of Bowmore plus a golden eagle laid on for entertainment. Heaven! Thank you, Rob, for sharing your last Graham with us.

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