Marhofn 58.03 - May 2001

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Hall Highlights 2000:

Richard Webb

Enjoyable year, no landownerish problems, and enjoyed the completion in Wales. Carn Ingli is a wonderful place, no wonder it's a hippy magnet. Complements the better Lleyn hills beautifully. Good vibes on Mynydd Cynros (31C) too. Talley is a lovely place as are some of the woods there. Dripping wet on Trichrug (32B) at the end. Not too many English hills this year, but Thorpe Fell Top (35B) was a goody in a heatwave. Another good day was doing the north Somerset pair by bike. A dry spell made the top of Black Down rideable.

The islands were fun; socials on Scarba and Scalpay followed by Harris Lewis for a week. Really enjoyed some of the Lewis hills. Conostom and Suaineabhal (24A) were wonderful in between fishing some of the lochs. Muirneag must have been the softest hill, knee-deep moss. At the end of the year I got a view of a snow-covered Muirneag from Glen Squaib (Inverlael). Arboreal surprises: Drumcroy Hill (5) proved easy, lovely wood on the top, likewise Creag Ghuibhais (7A) once over the fence.

Worst of the year? There were no true horrors, it was all good. Kit Hill (40) in pouring rain by car was probably the least satisfying.

Most painful moment was pouring tea water all over me in a bothy. Spent the day enjoying Capel Fell and Ettrick Pen (28B) with a scald. It was worth it. I did well for good visibility days, starting with Carn Garbh (16D) at the end of 1999, through the Skye/Scalpay trip to the fine weather of Beinn Damhain (1D) and the last week of the year.

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