Marhofn 58.03 - May 2001

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Front Page News

2000 Landmarks

Bert Barnett celebrates 1000 Marilyns on the island of Scalpay (17C). Richard Webb, Rob Woodall, Gordon Adshead and Don Smithies look on (photo: Ann Bowker)

Bert Barnett celebrates 1000 Marilyns on the island of Scalpay (17C). Richard Webb, Rob Woodall, Gordon Adshead and Don Smithies look on (photo: Ann Bowker)

Yahoo For You

The RHB mailing list was set up in 1999 to assist discussion and exchange of information about Marilyn bagging and related matters. The list was originally set up with Onelist, which was taken over by eGroups and then by Yahoo, so it is now a Yahoo group. Register at to join the group. This will allow you to send messages to to reach all list members (there are now over 75). Alternatively, anyone can read the message archive at

Baystones Is Back

At last, news from the Ordnance Survey that Baystones (34C) was surveyed as 488m, giving it a drop of exactly 150m, so it becomes the first Marilyn to be reinstated, having been deleted in 1995. The new high point is at NY403051. Observation on the ground confirms this to be at least 1m higher than the 487m summit at NY403052. For the first time ever there are now 1552 Marilyns. The OS also suggest that the name Baystones is appropriate for the hill summit, rather than Wansfell which applies to the broader area. Two name changes have been confirmed, however. Haddington Hill (39) appears to be generally known as Wendover Woods, and Lowick High Common (34D) seems to be more commonly known as Kirkby Moor. The standard policy is to confirm name changes only where there appears to be a consensus of informed opinion.

Marhofn Meetings 2001

This year's get-together is planned for 29 June -1 July in the Morar / Mallaig area. All Marilyn baggers, partners and families are welcome, not just Hall members. There is no formal programme (people come and go as they please), but the usual format is to meet in a pub on the Friday evening, arrange various walks for the weekend, and have a meal together on the Saturday evening. More details are available from Jonathan Woods: email or phone 01324 832700.

There is also a gathering on the island of Barra from 29 July -1 August, with the aim of reaching the islands to the south: Sandray, Pabbay, Muldoanich, Mingulay and Berneray. More details from Rob Woodall:

Late News: Corbett Moves

7 May: Following persistent enquiries, the Ordnance Survey have confirmed that the highest point of Sgurr nan Eugallt (10B) is 898m at NG927048, as has long been suspected. This is 4m higher than the trig point at NG931045, and 3m higher than the point listed in Corbett Tops and Corbetteers (TACit Press, 1999). Thanks are due to Jean Dalton at the OS for research beyond the call of duty to confirm the new summit of this fine peak.

Inside Marhofn 58:

Hall of Fame highlights: 13 members look back in anguish
Corridor Corner and Cellar Field: wannabes have their say
Candidates for change: what might (or might not) have moved
Island hopping, from Noss and Dun to Wight and Wales
The first lady's First Fifteen, with Ann Bowker
Bloody ticks get in Hamish Brown's blood and bones
The New Hall Table: 58 members take centrefold
Hot new list: Best non-bagging excuses
The British Rail peaks: training session with Phil Cooper
Baby Marilyn bagging: essential tips from Lynda Woods
Hall of Shame update: where the fearless need to tread
More Ethical musings, with Carl Willits and David Purchase
Strangely strange hill reports: members' tips for the tops
Cheesecake no more: Helen McLaren gets ethnic with Tom Tiger
Things come in threes (or fours): more Brown on Brown Muir
Trig bagging from 2 to 8, with Dave Hewitt and company

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