Marhofn 49.02 - April 2000

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Tips for the Top:

Cruach Lerags (19A)

Jonathan Woods:

This presents more 'interest' (in route finding) than any of the listed hills. The summit is totally clear of trees, despite what map shows, though the view must be diminishing with time as the trees slightly lower grow up. Thoroughly recommended for those who like a maze. We started on minor road to Loch Feochan, at NM849251 just opposite farm road to Ardoran. Here there is a wide gully which leads up the first hill, where we found a track. This can be followed for a short distance to the 'col' and another track (wall and ditch) then it's off up the hill through the trees. There are quite a lot of bare patches, and some quite long rides, which sort of go in the right direction, and then end. By linking these areas together, a way can be found to the summit. We couldn't retrace our steps on the way down, but found an equally practicable route.

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