Marhofn 49.02 - April 2000

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Corridor Corner:

Helen McLaren

Did 60 new Marilyns in 1999 which is more than double what I've done in any of the years since I completed the Munros. This new-found enthusiasm coincides with the decision early on in the year to tick the Grahams. Surprisingly, despite having a keen hill-walking husband, I somehow ended up doing nearly half of them as solo trips - usually the Grahams and smaller hills.

Best days? Lots of those. A trip to Carna stands out as being particularly fine, as does a celebration on Cairnkinna and a night ascent of Ben Cleuch in December. Also a week of near perfect weather on Skye in June (unbelievably, for the third time in as many years) takes some beating.

Worst day? Definitely An Sidhean (12A) in May. Had to hold on to Pete on the last bit as the wind was knocking me over. Then we were treated to a blizzard on the summit just for good measure.

Daftest day? Brown Cow Hill (8B). We saw all sorts of wildlife that day - birds, deer, vampire sheep (don't ask) - just about anything but a cow, in fact, brown or otherwise! The views were superb too. Not bad for what many regard as a boring hill.

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