Marhofn 38 - May 1999

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Hall Highs and Lows:

Chris Upson

Graham bagging seems to have taken over from Corbett-bagging. Have done 77 Grahams in the last two years, but no Corbetts at all last year.

Had a busy New Year's Eve scooping four in the fading hours of 1998. Mickle Fell on New Year's Day 1999 was desperately unpleasant, but having already failed on Boxing Day, wimping out in the face of blizzard conditions and storm force winds, I was damned if I was going to fail twice.

Strained my calf dashing up Calf Top (35B) - had to cancel a four-week trip to the Cordillera Blanca in Peru.

Amazing crevasses on the south ridge of Mullach Mor on Holy Island (20C) - roped-off to stop you falling in. Access may become a problem. The Buddhists aren't that keen on people tramping over their island and were intimating that they didn't really want people walking up their hill.

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