What happened to the other 37? you may wonder. Well this is the first issue of Marhofn, it's just that 38 is quite a nice number, and there's no rule that requires numbering to start at 1. The inspiration to cast off this outdated idea came from the Mountaineering Council of Scotland, who issued their first full-colour newszine this year. They called it Newsletter 38 (January 1998) as well as The Scottish Mountaineer (Issue 1, February 1999), so this Newsletter is just following the precedent of people who presumably know the ropes. A decision about the number for the 2000 edition of Marhofn will be made sometime next century.


Beginners' Corner

1998 Landmarks

Hall Meeting Hall

Hall Highs and Lows

Corridor Corner

Hall of Shame

Bagging in the USA

Sub Section 99

Marilyn Hall of Fame at 31 December 1998